What Prospective Tenants Should Look For In A Luxury Apartment Complex

When you look at luxury apartments, it's important to remember that you're investing in the complex as much as the residence. If you're interested in finding the right luxury apartment complex, you should look for these six qualities.

Access to the City Center

Although you don't necessarily need to find a true luxury downtown apartment complex, you'll probably want easy access to the city center. The complex should be within a few minutes of transportation, ideally a rail system with a low-cost pass system for everyday riders. You want to be able to experience the city center virtually on demand while also having access to other interesting areas. Also, make sure you can easily get to and from your workplace.


Depending on your living arrangement, the capacity of the apartment can make a huge difference. Most people will want spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Also, you'll probably want to have a well-equipped kitchen. The apartments should live up to the billing as luxury residences.


A luxury apartment complex should have a fully-featured security system and access control. Ideally, there should also be a security person present 24/7 to address residents' concerns. No one should be able to get in or out of the building without permission from the security people or one of the residents.


Many residents will want access to workout spaces like gyms, basketball and tennis courts, and pools. Look for other amenities, such as a spa or sauna, too. A concierge can also be extremely helpful for things like collecting packages or getting tickets to events. Valet parking is nice for folks who drive.

Speedy Service

Every luxury apartment complex should have on-site service staff to deal with basic problems. You shouldn't have to listen to a leaky faucet for very long, for example. Likewise, the maintenance supervisor should be authorized to bring in contractors to fix major problems ASAP. If the air conditioning system goes out in your apartment, a contractor should show up within hours and not days or weeks.

Quality Finishes

Luxury apartments should feature finishes that express good taste. Marble or granite countertops, for example, signal luxury. The bathroom and shower spaces should also reflect what you're paying for. Large windows should allow you to take advantage of the view. The same goes for features like stainless steel appliances, hardwood or tiled floors, and luxury plumbing fixtures. If the apartment is furnished, the furniture should be high-quality and stylish. 

For more info about luxury apartments, contact a local complex.

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