Recommendations For A Successful Townhome Selection

A townhome rental is a great opportunity for you to have your own space without neighbors above or below you, which provides you with great privacy. However, when you rent a townhome it can be a bit different than an apartment or single-family home, so make sure you are knowledgeable about the rental process and what items you need to be aware of to make the process a success. Here are some tips to help you find and rent a townhome. 

Evaluate the Location

The townhome that you choose to rent should have all the features and amenities that you want in a rental home, but it should also be in the right location. A townhome's location will consist of where in town it is located in addition to where it is located within the townhome community. 

Townhomes are built in a row alongside one another with shared walls. This feature means that there will be windows on the front and back of the townhome and not on the sides unless you rent an end-unit townhome. Along with windows, an end unit will only share a wall with one other neighbor and can provide you with a bit more outdoor space.

Know the Rules and Regulations

When you are looking into a townhome rental, it is always good to know and understand the lease contract along with any rules and regulations you will be held accountable for. As a renter, you will need to know what you can and can't do within the unit and outside in the townhome's outdoor space and common areas. Many townhomes are regulated and managed by an HOA (homeowners association) as well as the landlord's specific regulations, which can place specific rules on the property. So it is important that you know what actions will result in a fine or risk of eviction. 

For example, is there any regulation about the types or colors of curtains you can hang in the townhome's windows, or if you can change out the current blinds or window coverings? Is it allowed to place containers or other pieces of decor on the front porch or the property and can you keep an outdoor set on a patio or balcony? Then, find out about when your rent is due, how to pay it, and after what day will your rent be late. Then, if there is any maintenance needed on the unit, make sure you know who to contact and how to do so. This will ensure you live in a habitable and well-maintained unit as well as help the owner in their property investment.

Contact a local real estate agent to learn more about townhomes, including two-bedroom townhomes.

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