3 Reasons To Buy An Upper Floor Unit In A Tall Condo Building

When you shop for a condo, you may get excited about all the unique benefits and qualities of condo living. The tricky part is narrowing down your options, especially when searching in an area with many different condo units, buildings, and communities. A strategic move to consider is buying an upper-floor unit in a tall condo building for the benefits it can provide. 


Living on a high floor means you will likely not need to worry about privacy. In most cases, the only other people who can see your unit are those living in tall buildings nearby. Prioritizing the tallest building on a particular block will give you maximum privacy if you are interested.

Regardless, you will appreciate how much privacy you get from everything below. Living in a house, townhome, or low-floor condo exposes you to drivers, neighbors, and pedestrians. This makes it worth demanding an upper-floor unit if you are someone who likes complete privacy.


Being up high often means having a better view than being low to the ground. This is no different from a condo because you will get incredible views from an upper-floor unit.

While it depends on your budget and location, you may need to figure out what kind of view you are most interested in. Some places will offer both nature and city views depending on what side of the building you are on. So, you might find a building you love and want to wait until a listing shows up that has your preferable view compared to making an offer on any unit.

You will likely not experience any visual obstructions when you are up high. Buildings, bushes, fences, and trees will not get in the way of a great view from your balcony and windows.


Most of the noise that happens in a town or city is on the ground level. For instance, you may hear people talking in restaurants and vehicles passing by while on the street or sidewalk. You may not hear much of anything as soon as you step into an upper-floor condo.

Prioritizing these upper-floor condos is worthwhile when you want this kind of quiet when you open the windows or spend time on your balcony.

Each condo listing you find will have unique qualities that make it worth considering. However, buying an upper-floor condo in a tall building can help you enjoy these specific benefits.

Reach out to a real estate agent for more information.

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