Luxe Living? Faqs About Apartment Rentals And Your Search

Is this your first experience with luxury apartment rentals? Perhaps you're ready to start the search process but aren't sure where to begin. From working with a realtor to crafting a list of must-haves and non-negotiables, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

What Are Luxury Apartments?

You know what an apartment is. But what does the word "luxury" add to this real estate equation? 

There isn't a universal or uniform definition of the word luxury in the real estate market. Almost any apartment rental company could call its units "luxury" or claim to have "luxurious" living spaces. Even though this word is used to describe rentals, it doesn't always mean the units are top-grade or have the fine finishes that you might expect.

Luxury living implies a higher than average type of property. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, luxury includes a sumptuous environment. In an apartment rental, luxurious or sumptuous rentals tend to have a large square footage, extra amenities, and accents or finishes that go beyond what you would find in a standard unit. The specific amenities and extras depend on the property management company and the rental designer. These could range from hardwood floors to professional chef-level cooktops. 

Should You Work With A Realtor?

Now that you know more about what luxury living could include, it's time to take the next step and start your search. While you can browse through listings on local real estate websites, this strategy could take time and energy that you don't have to waste. Instead of a solo search, enlist the help of a professional. 

Real estate agents don't only handle home buying and selling. Some agents specialize in luxury apartment rentals. If you don't want to sift through random "apartments for rent" listings, talk to a realtor. This type of experienced professional can help you to understand what is available in your area, find apartments that match your wants and needs, and negotiate the lease terms.

What Amenities Are Included?

Some amenities are included in the price of a rental—while others may come at an added cost. Before you start to review lists of extras or add-on options, ask yourself what you need or want in an apartment. Do you prefer to have a gym in the building? Is a rooftop deck that you can use at any time important? Should the building have access to a pool—and if so, do you want an outdoor or indoor option to choose from? Along with these issues, you may have other amenity-related questions based on your (or your family's) needs.

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