Time To Find An Alternative To The Home Office? 5 Signs

For many American entrepreneurs, as well as more and more salaried workers, working from home is becoming the new norm. But while the work-from-home trend has many advantages, it can also hold you back from performing your best. How can you know when it's time to find an alternative to the home office? Here are five indicators. 

1. You Don't Want to Meet Clients

Many who work from their home are hesitant to meet with business contacts there. Do you find yourself either eager to keep business and home life separate? Or perhaps you worry that your clients will step on Lego toys on their way to the office. Whatever the reason, if better in-person client interactions could help promote business, it's time to find a more professional environment.  

2. You Do Too Many Household Tasks

Are you distracted when trying to work from home? While the ability to put in a load of laundry or occasionally watch the kids can be a great perk, it may also lead to too much distraction. The need to multitask both home life and work life is a common challenge for the work-from-home crowd. By separating these two worlds, you can boost productivity by keeping focused. 

3. Your Schedule and the Family's Don't Mix

Managing a busy household and doing your work is difficult when these schedules clash. Someone who is productive in the early morning may not be able to concentrate with the kids getting ready for school. Or you may be a night owl among early sleepers. You might even be frustrated by the arrival of landscapers, garbage trucks, and neighborhood kids. A dedicated office allows you to schedule based solely on your needs. 

4. You're Out of Space

A growing business often outgrows its first home. Honestly assessing your space requirements may lead you to realize that you aren't working at your most efficient or that you can no longer properly secure a growing pile of sensitive documents, samples, or inventory. Since most people can't expand their home office much, it may be time for a move. 

5. Your Work Habits Are Slipping

If you've been working from the home office for a while, think about how you've personally been changed by the experience. Are you as productive now as you were in the office? Do you find yourself not looking and acting as professionally? Are your networking skills lacking? Don't let your career suffer stagnation because you're in a casual or isolated environment. 

Where to Start

Do you find yourself in any of these situations? If so, a move to a rented office space could be an easy solution. Start by learning more about options and facilities in your area. You may find that this simple step revitalizes your remote working life. 

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