3 Things to Know About Using an Apartment Walkthrough Checklist

Finding the ideal apartment before signing the lease is important if you want to live there for a while, and you might have to view several units before you find the right one. Once you find the one you want, you might want to take it a step further by completing an apartment walkthrough checklist before signing the lease. If you are not familiar with an apartment walkthrough checklist, here are three things to know.

1. What It Is

The first thing to know is what an apartment walkthrough checklist is and where to get one. You can print these forms online or ask an apartment manager if they have one. It is better to print one yourself to ensure that you have one. This form contains a list of all kinds of things to check when evaluating an apartment. It asks you to evaluate every area of an apartment and record what you find. For example, it might ask about the condition of the kitchen cabinets, floor trim, and carpeting. You can record any defects, flaws, or issues you find in the unit as you walk through it with your list.

2. Why You Need One

The second thing to understand is why you need to use an apartment walkthrough checklist. The main reason is to protect yourself when renting a unit. If you do not use one when renting an apartment that has issues, the landlord might charge you for repairing these issues when you move out. If the issues were there when you moved in, you should not be responsible for them. An apartment walkthrough checklist helps you avoid these types of problems when renting a unit.

3. How to Use It

When you find the right apartment to rent, ask the landlord to perform a walkthrough with you. As you both walk around the apartment, you can fill out the form making notes about everything in the apartment. When you finish the inspection, ask the landlord to sign the form. You can then make a copy of it, so you can the landlord each have a copy. Once you have this form completed, you will have the protection you need for your apartment.

As you might see here, using an apartment walkthrough checklist is a smart move to make when renting a unit. If you have questions about apartments for rent or want to view some, talk to a property manager, real estate agent, or apartment manager today.

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