How You'll Be Advised To Prep For An Open House

Planning on hosting an open house so that your home can generate some interest? If so, your real estate agent is going to step in and help you run things. Here are some tips that you'll be given prior to hosting an open house.

Declutter Your Home 

Expect your real estate agent to walk through the home with you and point out the areas that need to be decluttered. They are going to point out things that are going to look bad to a potential buyer, such as having too much furniture, too many things out on tables, and examples of a home that looks like it is lacking storage. Be prepared to get rid of things or put things in storage so that it is out of sight to people touring your home.

Clean Up Your Landscaping

The first impression that you'll make on a potential buyer is the outside of your home when they pull up for the open house. That is why you'll also be told to clean up your landscaping. The outside of your home should look as tidy and maintained as the inside of your home, which means cutting the grass, cleaning up flower beds, and putting away clutter on the lawn as well. Now is the time to put away kid's toys and things that are just not needed to make the outside seem well maintained. 

Be Prepared To Leave

Your real estate agent is going to do the job of running your open house. They'll be there to greet people, have them sign in, give them information about the house, and monitor them while they are touring it so the agent can answer questions. There is no need for you to be home at this time since having the owners at the home can actually cause buyers to be a bit hesitant with what they look at and how they talk about the home. It is a good idea to get out of the home for a while. Plan to go shopping, go to a nice restaurant, or go to a movie so that you don't have to come back home while the open house is happening. 

These are just a few things that a real estate agent will have you do to prepare for an open house. Ask your agent about what else you should be doing before potential buyers start coming by. 

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