5 Secret Upgrades That No One Knows To Request When Building A New House

Building a new house from the ground up is an exciting adventure. There are so many decisions to be made so that the house can be uniquely yours. From the floor plan to the flooring, it is your job to pick out all the colors and finishes. There are, however, a few options that are not printed on any handout. Like your favorite coffee shop's secret menu, your builder has a few little-known, unpublished, and inexpensive options that are available to you. You just have to ask.

1. Insulation: Every new home builder uses batt insulation (the pink stuff) in the exterior walls. You can request that the builder also install it in between your interior walls. While it's not as effective as sound-proofing insulation, which is extremely expensive, it will muffle the sound between rooms for very little money.  

2. Ceiling Fans: With the exception of the kitchen and dining rooms, most new construction homes do not have lights in the ceiling. You can solve this problem by requesting that all rooms be prepped for ceiling fans. This does not mean that you have to install actual ceiling fans. It simply means that the electrician will prep the ceiling for a fixture. You can install a light or a ceiling fan at a later date. 

3. Plumbing for Extra Bathroom: Whether you have a basement, an attic, or a bonus room above the garage, consider plumbing for an extra bath. You may not ever install the bathroom, but having the plumbing prepped is a huge future cost savings. It's fairly inexpensive to run a few extra plumbing lines during construction when the walls are open and the plumber is already there. As an added bonus, this could also be a selling feature when you go to sell your home. 

4. Basement Egress: Every state and municipality is different, but there is a growing trend towards requiring basement egress in finished basements. Having a means of escape through an egress window is important should there ever be a fire. Installing the special egress window is easy during rough construction, but trying to do so after your home is built requires some serious excavation work around the foundation that can be very expensive. 

5. Garage Depth: The majority of homeowners who build their own home forget to put much thought into the garage. While your lot size or HOA may prevent you from having a four-car garage, you can talk to your builder about adding extra depth. If you can add two to four feet of extra depth to your garage, the space will always come in handy. It's helpful whether you drive an oversize vehicle or have kids with a growing collection of bikes and sporting equipment. No one ever complains that their garage is too big. 

All of the above upgrades are things no one realizes that you can, and should, ask your builder to add to your home. Just like that secret coffee drink menu, all you have to do is ask. Learn more about new home real estate in your area today. 

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