Tips For Helping Your Realtor Find You A Great Home

If you're moving forward with purchasing a home, it will be best to work with a realtor to help find you a property that you'll love. Here are a few tips for helping your realtor narrow down the right home for you. 

The Budget

The first thing you should talk with your realtor about is your budget. Your budget shouldn't necessarily be what you are approved for by your mortgage lender, but how much that you feel comfortable paying for a home. Your realtor will use this as a guide to help find you home, but don't be surprised if they show you some homes slightly higher than your price range. Don't feel offended if your realtor is showing you some homes that they don't want you to miss out on.

The Area

It will also help to narrow down the part of town that you like to live in. You'll certainly have done a lot of research to determine where you want to live, factoring in things such as if it is close to your work or near public transportation. Give your realtor a city or part of town that you are interested in to avoid showing you homes that are much further away from where you want to be

The Style

You likely have a preference over the style of home that you want to live in. This includes living in a ranch, colonial, or split level home. Many people have strong preferences over the style of home that they want, and won't consider anything else. 

The Wants and Needs 

It is a good idea to make a list of home features that you consider your wants and needs so that your realtor can narrow down their search. You may need a home that has a specific amount of bedrooms, a garage, or even a certain amount of square footage. Meanwhile, there are other things that may be lower on your list of priorities, such as having a master suite, the amount of bathrooms, and if the garage is attached. Your realtor can help immediately eliminate potential homes from their search to only show you the cream of the crop. 

These are only a few things to consider telling your realtor to help narrow down your search for single-family homes. Make sure you work with your realtor from the beginning to help set you on the right path for buying a home.

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