Should You Wait To Sell Your Home?

There are some periods of time where it may make more sense to sell your house, but there is no time in the foreseeable future at which it is considered better to sell your home. Therefore, you might be best off selling your home now, when you might be able to move your property, than in the future when the conditions might change. 2020 is neither expected to be a good nor bad time to sell your home.

Wait if You Love Your Home

If you do love your home, but feel that you'd be best off selling it eventually, consider waiting five years before revisiting the idea of selling it again. If you're still not sure, you could ask for real estate agent's opinion on whether now is the right time.

Wait if You Need to Make Repairs

If your home needs some work, you could choose to wait until you have had time to make the necessary repairs. Also, if you were considering performing home renovations that would improve the value of your home, it would make sense to postpone selling your home. However, it's also possible to sell your home as is as long as you clarify that you are doing so. At the very least, you should fix a broken door knob on the front door, since that would leave a bad first impression, and you should clean up your home before showing it.

Wait Until Summer

If snow is on the ground, you might want to postpone selling your home. Home sales decline in the winter months. Because there are fewer home buyers, you may need to ask for less for your home if you are rushing to sell it as soon as possible. Spring may also be a bad time to sell your home because you may be competing with more home sellers as many choose to sell immediately after winter.

Don't Wait Under Some Circumstances

There are certain events that might trigger a need for you to sell your home. For example, you may obtain a new job and need to sell before you move. You might have aging parents and may need to move closer to them, or you may want to sell your home before your responsibility for taking care of them grows. Or you may develop a medical condition yourself that forces you to move somewhere else. Regardless of the reason for the sale, reach out to a realtor and ask "What can I get if I sell my home as is?" to get a better idea of the price you'll be looking at.

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There are some periods of time where it may make more sense to sell your house, but there is no time in the foreseeable future at which it is consider

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