Features To Look For In Farms For Sale If You Plan To Have Chickens

Shopping for a small farm is far different than shopping for a single-family residence on a small plot of land. You will be getting a property that is suitable for things like livestock raising and crop planting. Even though an advertised farm for sale may seem like it could accommodate just about any type of livestock you could want, this is not a fair assumption. Some livestock is a little harder to keep than others, like chickens.

Free-roaming your chickens allows them to grow healthy, keep a diversified diet, and avoid developing a lot of fat, all of which are important if your chickens will eventually be eaten or culled to sell for eating. To make sure a farm you are considering is a good spot for raising free-range chickens, there are a few attributes to keep in mind as you visit the farms for sale in your area.

Steer clear of properties surrounded by woods. 

Chickens fall at the bottom of the food chain. They are easy, scrumptious prey for A LOT of different types of wildlife. Even something as simple and common as opossums and raccoons will try to snatch your chickens for an easy meal. However, if you are surrounded by a forest on your farm, you're going to have quite a few predators lurking in the shadows. Foxes, coyotes, owls, bobcats, bears are all going to show interest in a free-ranging flock. 

Go for a property that has space for a coop distanced from the house. 

Of course, a chicken coop is going to be a necessity for your chickens. If the property already has a barn, you may be able to alter a part of the barn for housing your flock when they roost at night or when the weather is bad. The primary thing you need to be looking for is a space for building a coop or creating a coop that is a safe distance from the house. It is good if the coop is visible, but it needs to be far enough that the chickens won't be wandering into your landscape or onto your deck. 

Make sure there are no restrictions against chickens. 

Believe it or not, it is not uncommon for chickens to be a restriction on some properties, even those that are labeled as farm properties. Some people view these birds as a nuisance if they are free-range. Therefore, you may find some properties that will not allow you to raise chickens or will have specifications on how they can be legally kept. 

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