4 Benefits Of A Homeowner's Association

Homebuyers who have never bought a home in a subdivision that is governed by a homeowner's association are often uncertain what role this entity plays in homeownership. Here are four benefits of a homeowner's association.

1. Your Neighborhood Will Stay Nice

When you buy a home in a subdivision, you won't need to worry about your property value declining because of your neighbors not taking care of their home. A homeowner's association has rules in place that govern things like what people can have in their yard, how many vehicles they can have parked, how long their grass can get, and what colors they can paint their home.

2. You'll Enjoy Special Amenities

Many subdivisions that have a homeowner's association offer excellent conveniences that add benefits to residents' quality of life. For example, there may be a community swimming pool. A central recreation center may house a gym and tennis courts or racquetball. There may be a playground for children. Some offer facilities such as a clubhouse that residents can go to socialize with their neighbors or rent out for extended family gatherings.

3. You'll Have Less Upkeep

Some subdivisions with homeowner's associations provide services most homeowners typically take care of themselves. For example, a homeowner's association may take care of all lawn care needs or provide snow removal service.

For the busy executive who doesn't have time to deal with outside maintenance or the retirees who are no longer physically able to perform these tasks, a homeowner's association that tends to these needs is a great benefit. Reduced responsibilities give residents more time to enjoy life and do the things they want to rather than deal with routine chores. Contracted grounds maintenance services also keep the neighborhood looking nice and well manicured.

4. You'll Feel More Secure

Subdivisions with a homeowner's association are often located in gated communities. The entire subdivision is separated from the rest of the world by a fence. A gate prevents just anyone from entering. Some gated communities even have a full-time security detail that controls entry and patrols the neighborhood, ensuring nothing is going on that shouldn't be.

This added security allows single women and retirees to feel a little safer. Parents can feel more comfortable letting their children play outdoors. Not having to worry as much about a criminal element prowling about helps with your peace of mind and allows your home to truly be a safe haven.

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