Pros Of Owning A Home On A Golf Course

Have a true passion for golf? If you live, breathe, and dream about golf, you may be thinking "what more is there?". Well, have you considered living on a golf course and spending your days being close to the game and the greens? Finding a home situated near a golf course is rewarding in many ways. When it comes to golf course homes for sale, here are some of the pros of owning a beautiful home in a perfect, pristine location.

The Best View in Town

One of the biggest perks of living on a golf course are the well-manicured surroundings. Not only are most golf courses trimmed and cared for throughout the day, the landscape, including beautiful trees and shrubs, can be the backdrop of your backyard. The terrain of the golf course creates a stunning backdrop for almost any porch, deck, and window on your property.

Most homes surrounding a golf course also belong to a homeowner's association club. This means every home and yard must meet strict style and color requirements. Expect to have neighbors with the same high standard as you when it comes to a well-maintained lawn.

Reduced Membership Fees

An advantage of owning a home on a golf course is that part of the homeowner's association annual fees include a membership or discounted membership to the golf course. This can range from:

  • Free golfing
  • Early tee times
  • Guest invitations
  • Free carts and clubhouse discounts

These amenities are definitely considerations to explore before starting your search.  

Great Resale Value

A big pro with purchasing a home backing up to a golf course is that it should continue to rise in property value. This is a great asset to your initial investment. Because most homes in a home association or that are affiliated with a golf course have to keep up on curb appeal and periodic updates, the value rises.

Enjoy Community Activities

Many golf communities have activities in addition to golf that are available to homeowners. This could be events and amenities such as:

  • Tennis courts
  • Bocce ball
  • Pickle ball
  • Clubhouse with bar and restaurant
  • Fitness centers
  • Banquet halls for rent

Not only is there plenty to do in most of these communities, but there is also a huge social aspect to living in a golf community. Making friends with like-minded interests is easy.

Contacting a real estate agent who specializes in golf course homes is your first step. From there you can both discuss budget and lending options as well as the pros of the course associated with the property. Finding the home of your dreams on the course—or nearby the course—can bring more enjoyment and more golf activities into your everyday life.

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