Making Your Own Real Estate Listing? Don't Make These Mistakes

Are you attempting to sell your home without the help of a real estate listing? It's possible that you'll make some basic mistakes when creating the listing for your home. Without the experience of making real estate listings, you won't know how this task should be done without a little bit of trial and error. Here are some mistakes that you may make along the way.

Taking Bad Photos 

Many potential buyers do not look at the real estate listing write-up. They may glance at the price and the photos before moving on to browse other homes. That is why it is so important that you take great pictures that show your home in the best light possible. 

If you know in the summer that you will be selling your home in the winter, try to take some photos of the exterior while it is still nice outside. If you wait until the winter, the snow may cover your landscaping and not make your home look as nice as it could look. 

Interior photos should be taken with a wide-angle lens, and you should remove any clutter so that it is out of the shot. Try moving furniture so that it looks better in the photos, even if it is not practical for everyday living.

Listing The Home For Too Much Money

You may think that your home is worth more than it actually is. Unfortunately, you won't know for sure unless you try to find homes similar to yours that have recently sold to see how they compare. This can help you more accurately gauge what your home will sell for so that it does not sit on the market for months without an interested buyer. 

Writing A Wall Of Text

The write-up on your home can help shed some light on the details of your home that cannot be captured in pictures. This can include describing the neighborhood, access to public transportation, and even information on the local schools. However, making one big paragraph of text will make it difficult for buyers to read the information.

Try to make paragraphs no longer than a couple of sentences so that similar content is grouped together. You can even use subheads to help separate different areas of the write up to make it easy to scan. 

Work with a realtor to help with creating the listing for your home.

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