Tasks To Complete When You Move Into A New Home

When you buy a home it opens up a great deal of benefits and also new responsibilities as a homeowner. You want to protect and maintain your real estate investment with regular work and upkeep on its exterior, the outside landscaping, and the inside of the home and all its systems and components.

Along with these important jobs, when you first move into a home you will likely need to check the home and take care of any pest problems, then make sure your furnace or its air conditioner are tuned up and functioning for the upcoming season. Here are some recommended tasks to help you make sure you home is ready for you in these areas.

Manage Home Pest Control

The home you just purchased and moved into might be subject to a variety of pests that you have never dealt with before. Your property can be situated in a different ecological climate, bringing a variety of pests and their problems. For example, if your home is located next to a field or farmland, you might have an increase in mice in the area. Or if your home is in a southern climate, you may need to be aware of termites.

Also, if the home has been vacant for any period of time, this provides an opportunity for outside pests to make their way into your home and take up residence. Because no one has been in the home to remove them, they can accumulate and often begin to multiply. Wasps, for example, can begin to build a nest on the outside of a home while it is vacant, and would need to be removed.

Arrange with a local pest control services to inspect and treat your home for some common pests in the area. Or if you have noticed, for example, that there are a number of spiders living in your home or ants making their way across the floors, specify this to your pest control professional. They will be able to use pest treatments for your home. And if you have children and pets in your home, they can provide safe treatments that won't harm them.

Service HVAC AC and Furnace

Unless you know your home's furnace and air conditioner are brand new or you have a record of their recent servicing, you should plan on having them tuned up and checked for a proper function. Schedule for an HVAC professional to check these important home systems in the spring or fall. Completing an annual tune-up on these systems can help prevent break downs due to common causes, such as worn belts on your furnace or AC blower or a worn out ignition switch on your furnace.

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