How Low-Income Housing Works And How To Apply For It

Low-Income apartments can mean a couple of different things. It could mean living within a complex geared completely to subsidized or public housing – meaning owned by the government, or it could mean that your income is partially subsidized by the government, but that you live in a privately owned building or home.

How does low-income housing work, and how do you apply for it?

How Do You Qualify For Low-Income Housing?

In order to qualify for low-income housing, you must make under a certain designated income per year. This level is determined by the Department For Housing and Urban Development or HUD. It's based on the annual average income in your area. This could change depending on your state and region.

When you apply for low-income housing, your local authority will check to see what you earn through your pay stubs and your tax returns. This will help them to determine if you can apply for assistance.

What Is The Section 8 Program?

Not all subsidized housing is within government-owned buildings. This is where Section 8 comes in. Section 8 – which is run by HUD, is a program in which low-income earners receive vouchers to make up the difference in their rent that their income can't reach. To qualify for Section 8, your income must not reach the maximum level of the cost of rent in your area.

In order words, if you don't make enough to rent a safe apartment for your family, even at the maximum rent level for that area, you may qualify to receive vouchers to help pay the difference. This helps you stay in your area so you don't have to find a new job, or change your children's school.

Income Level Requirements Vary Across The country not all areas in the country will have the same income level requirement as others. This means, if you live in a city like San Francisco, HUD adjusts the average income higher for the city. You may qualify for help if your income is significantly less than the average here. This will change in smaller cities or, less affluent ones. You need to check with HUD to see what your region's average income is to see if you will qualify for low-income housing or Section 8 in your city or town. You also should know, that HUD has three levels of low-income earnings they place recipients in. This is determined by your yearly income, and it will determine how much help you will receive.

HUD checks your income annually if you are receiving Section 8 vouchers, and if your income rises above the maximum allowed income to receive them, you will no longer receive the benefits.

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