Why You Should Buy A House With A Garage – Even If You Don't Own A Car

Most Americans own cars, which mean they need a garage. However, there are compelling reasons you should buy a house with a garage even if you don't own a car. Here are some of those reasons:

You May Own One down the Line

You may not own a car now, but how sure are you that you won't own one forever? You may decide to buy a car somewhere down the road or one of your household members may make the decision. Do you really want to spend over $7000 dollars adding a garage to your house?

Keeping Stuff

A garage is an ideal place to store stuff. All those stuff that you don't want to store in the main house, such as fuel, can be stored in the garage. Garage storage also come in handy when you don't have adequate space in the main house for your bulky items, such as bicycles.

Working On Your Hobby

If you have a hobby that requires a reasonably spacious place, then a garage is the place to do it. The same is true if your hobby may damage your main house or place you in the way of other family members. For example, you can paint or work on your woodwork in the garage.

Use It for a Home Business

You can also run your business from the garage as long as it satisfies the local regulations. Businesses you can run from the garage include car detailing, bicycle repair, pet grooming, card designing and many others.

You Can Rent It Out

Even if you have no actual use for the garage, you can rent it out for extra money. There are people who will pay you to use your garage to store their stuff. For example, a neighbor who has several cars and a tiny garage can pay to use your garage for the extra cars.

It's good For Your House's Resale Value

The absence of a garage can be a deal breaker for some home buyers. Therefore, having a garage makes it easy to resell your house if you decide to do so somewhere down the line. What if your family or income grows and you need to buy a new home?

The good news is that it isn't difficult to find a home with a garage – and the right garage at that. Just tell your realtor your preferences and leave the work to them.

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