Don't Buy These Three Appliances Before Scrutinizing Your New Home

In some places, it's common practice for home owners to remove some appliances before selling their houses. However, even if you have confirmed that you will not be getting an appliance from the seller, you shouldn't go on an appliance-spending spree before confirming that they will fit in your new home. Here are three examples of common appliances, and what might happen if you buy them before the confirmation:

A Refrigerator

This is one of the top must-have appliances in many homes. It is understandable that most people know exactly the kind of fridge they want, from brand to size to energy consumption. However, it would not be wise to purchase a fridge before identifying the condo to purchase. The main reason for this is that most condos already have a designated space for the fridge; typically, this space is located near the dining area or beside the kitchen sink. Buying the latest industrial-style fridge (before viewing the condo) may be a bad idea because it may not properly fit in the allocated space. You don't want to commission a kitchen remodeling project before bringing in your fridge.

An Appliance That Can't Be Taken Apart

If you are eyeing some big appliances or furniture, it's also a good idea to settle on the house before splurging on the appliance or furniture. You don't want to end up in a situation where you have bought a big appliance and your apartment is located on the third floor, the winding staircase is tiny, and the appliance can't get to your house. Either make sure the appliance can be taken apart or wait until you have confirmed the accessibility of your new place.

A Gas-Powered Appliance

Gas lines have changed over the years due to the changing technologies as well as the changing needs of homeowners. The latest gas range will not necessarily fit in a four-decade old kitchen. Even if you manage to hook your new appliance to the old gas line, its energy efficiency will suffer. Then there is also the issue of venting; your new gas range may become a health and fire risk if the existing vent can't handle its heat and exhaust output. Again, you may need to upgrade the kitchen to accommodate the new gas range.

The typical practices in your area and the sale contract are some of the factors that determine whether and which appliances come with the house. If you won't be getting an appliance, take your time to confirm that it will fit in your new place before buying it. For more information, contact companies like Century 21 New Millenium Inc.

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