4 Things You Should Do That You Might Not Know About When Renting Your First-Apartment

Renting your very first apartment can be exciting, but there can be a lot of uncertainties. If you are looking for an apartment to rent and have found the one you want, there are several things you will need to do that you might not realize. Here are four important things you should do when renting an apartment.

Choose the type of unit you want to rent

One of the first steps you will need to make is choosing the type of rental unit you would like to lease. You could choose a furnished apartment or home, or you could select a unit that is unfurnished. Keep in mind, furnished units will typically cost more than those that are unfurnished.

Understand the commitment you are making

Having never rented an apartment before, you may not understand the commitments involved in this, and there are several important ones to understand. The first commitment is time, as most landlords require one-year leases. Renting an apartment requires other commitments, too, such as putting utilities in your name and agreeing to follow all the rules in the lease.

Complete a move-in checklist

Completing a move-in checklist is one thing many first-timers do not know about, and this is important for protecting yourself and your security deposit. A move-in checklist is a form you can fill out when you rent an apartment, and it is used to document any and every problem you see in the apartment on the day you are handed the keys. As you fill this out, look carefully at the floors, walls, fixtures, windows, and everything else in the unit. If there is something broken, dirty, or damaged in any way, write it on this list. You should then keep a copy of the list and give a copy to the landlord.

Purchase renter's insurance

The other thing you should consider doing is purchasing renter's insurance for your belongings. Your landlord will have insurance on your actual apartment dwelling, but this insurance will not cover your personal things. A renter's insurance policy will give you the protection you need for your belongings if anything were to happen to them.

As you get ready to move out on your own, you should make sure you fully understand the responsibilities you will have with renting your own apartment. If you are ready to find one that fits in your budget, contact a property management firm, like Furnished Homes, today to find out what units they have available. 

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