Tips for Sprucing Up Your Living Room Prior to an Open House

When you place your home for sale, your real estate agent will try a variety of ideas to get the word out about your home. One of the tried-and-true ways to attract home buyers is to have an open house. The open house is a way of showing off your house to several potential buyers in one morning, afternoon, or evening. Follow these tips to help add a bit of extra pizzazz to your living room before showing it off to buyers who attend the open house.

Tip #1: Give the Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

Few things can help a living room feel clean and fresh like a new coat of paint. Take down all the old art and wall decorations, then putty in any holes or areas where the wall may be the damaged. Next, select a neutral color for your living room walls and apply a fresh coat of paint to ensure that your home looks and feels vibrant and well-loved.

Tip #2: Add Pillows for a Cozy, Not Cluttered, Look

Add pillows that complement the color of your living room. You may place them on a sofa, chairs, piano bench, or other roomy surface of the living room. Avoid decorating with any pillows that have strong message or that have any potentially offensive quotes. Think beautiful colors and pleasant prints when selecting decor to appeal to many people's styles and tastes.

Tip #3: Remove Personal Items from the Living Room

Take all family photos down from shelves and other areas of the living room. Also remove personal touches like memorabilia of a favorite sports team or other personal items. Framed quotes that make a strong statement of your personal beliefs should be taken down. Also remove any mementos that identify your religious beliefs or preferences, too. You want to empower home buyers to easily imagine themselves relaxing in your living room as new home owners, so make it as easy on potential buyers to do that as possible.

Finally, keep in mind that there is no one way to please everyone. However, when you are preparing your living room for an open house, it's important to appeal to as many home buyers as possible. While you may have wanted to focus on persona satisfaction when you originally decorated the living room, preparing it for an open house is about making it as universal as possible. 

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