Selling Your Home? What To Know About Using Technology To Assist

Putting your home on the market these days involves more than just planting a sign on the front lawn and putting ads in the local newspaper. Nowadays if you fail to take into account the myriad of digital and high tech practices available, you could be putting a quick and easy home sale in jeopardy. To help you stay abreast of the latest gadgets that could help you sell your home, read on.

The Birdseye View

Drones are not just expensive toys; they can be fitted out with a camera to capture a view of your home in a unique and memorable manner. Real estate agents are going beyond the 360 degree photographs of the interior and offering home sellers the opportunity to showcase their properties from above. A drone shot shows off your roof and yard, of course, but it also can demonstrate exactly how close you are to that school, lake, park, etc.

There's an App for That

Many home sellers cannot stay in their homes until they sell, and often they may leave their home in the capable hands of a real estate agent while they move across town or across the country. Dealing with your home from a distance can be challenge, but new apps and home-monitoring programs make it easier than ever to keep your eye on your property from afar. These apps can monitor plumbing leaks, your security system, your heating and cooling system, and more. This allows problems to be addressed quickly, as well as the ability to adjust temperature controls to make any showings more comfortable, while still being energy conscious.

Access Control

In most cases, an unoccupied home is dealt with using a real estate lock box at the entrance. These boxes usually require a combination number to be punched in to gain access to a key, which opens the house. New "smart" lock boxes take that ability a step further and allows access with a smart phone, wielded by your agent. As a bonus, you can keep up with who enters your home and when they do it remotely using an app on your phone.

A Virtual "John Hancock"

Another issue with selling a home from a distance is the need to show up in person to sign various important documents during the home selling process. Online sites, such as DocuSign, put an end to that need by allowing parties to sign documents both digitally and legally. You can use a computer or even a smart phone to sign almost any document.

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