Summertime And The Home Selling Is Easy

It's seems that "for sale" signs in front yards come up as quickly as the grass in the summertime, with homes for sale blossoming everywhere. If you are adding your home to the the booming marketplace, you may need to take some important season-related steps to make it really stand out from the crowd. Read on for some tips on selling your home during the sunny season.

1. Shape up your yard. April showers can bring May flowers -- and grass that seems to sprout overnight. A home with a neatly cut yard will always garner glances, so make lawn maintenance a top priority. Hiring a yard maintenance team could make sense for your situation, ensuring that your yard looks nice even if you must vacate the premises.

2. Keep your cool. Most people are well aware of energy conservation and the high costs of cooling homes during the hot summer months, but a warm home is definitely not inviting to buyers. Keep your home nice and cool by adjusting the thermostat a few hours before a viewing or open house and utilizing the ceiling fans to keep the air moving.

3. Showcase the light: Lighter colors and light-filled rooms appear larger, so use the increased amount of sunlight available in the warmer months to enhance your rooms for buyers. If you have vertical blinds or mini-blinds, do away with them completely since they are so outdated, and add some inexpensive shades and curtains instead. Keep those shades up and open the curtains or drapes to let the light shine in.

4. Not exactly aromatherapy. Warm temperatures can make ordinarily unnoticeable odors almost unbearable, so don't neglect your outdoor trash cans during the warmer months. Keep them clean and make sure the lid fits tightly. Enclose all trash in secured plastic bags before discarding it in the larger outdoor container. As a bonus, you can cut down on pests and insects too by keeping the trash area as scent-free as possible.

5. Don't overlook your outdoor spaces. Warm weather means more outdoor living, so be sure to spruce up your deck, patio, and backyard to look inviting. Pressure wash and refinish any outdoor areas, and furnish them with some outdoor furniture. The buyers will appreciate the added outdoor living space. If you have a pool, keep it sparkling clean and add some covered areas if you don't already have one. An inexpensive canopy with a seating area is just the ticket.

6. Provide some refreshment. Give your hot and weary home searchers respite by offering cool water or lemonade. This action serves double duty by urging your potential buyer to linger long enough to fall in love with your home and by making it more memorable.

Speak to a real estate agent like those at The Grove Team for more summer selling ideas. 

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