Silent, But Deadly: Quiet Methods For Removing Mice From Your Home

Discovering that you have mice in the home can be a very noisy occurrence. It can be even more noisy if you choose to try and get rid of the mice. The sound of mouse traps snapping or bait chambers being dragged around may be upsetting to you. Thankfully, there are a number of silent ways to keep pests away from your home. By hiring the services of a mice control company, you can implement a variety of methods that will keep the mice out and do it as quietly as possible. By learning about these various methods, you can specifically ask for them when calling an exterminator to help you with your problems.

Sound Devices

It may not seem quiet, but one of the quietest ways to help deter mice from your home is with electronic pest control. These devices emit a sound that cannot be heard by human ears. The ultra high-pitched sound will annoy mice and keep them from coming into your home. An exterminator can find the best locations to connect these sound devices to. Some will be plugged directly into an outlet, while others can run on long-lasting battery power that allows them to get placed in smaller locations like attics or closets.

Not only will these sounds help deter mice from coming into your home, but it can also help deter mating. Mice can give birth to dozens of pups in a single year. This can dramatically increase the amount of pests coming into your home. By using these sound devices to silently remove them, you can make a big difference on the rodents around your property. After a few weeks of using the devices, an exterminator can return to check the status of your home and look for any additional signs of mice invasions.

Mouse Repellent Spray

Glue traps or blocks of poison can create a lot of noise in walls or ceilings of your home. An alternative way to help kill off mice and keep things quiet is with the use of mouse repellent spray. There are multiple forms of this spray that you can chose from when trying to exterminate mice from your home. A poison spray will kill off any mouse that comes into contact with it. These sprays are typically used on common entryways or vulnerable areas of your home. This may include an attic, closet, or the foundation area of the house.

A scented repellent spray may also be used to help deter mice from coming into your home. Exterminators have a wide variety of sprays that include scents of predators and other types of oils that mice cannot stand. By using these sprays, your home can have a barrier that prevents a mice from getting inside. Depending on the strength of the spray, it may need to get reapplied every three to six months. This will help keep the mice out, especially during transitional seasons.

Building Mice Out

Another way to quietly keep mice out of your home is to have an exterminator build the mice out. Mice can enter a home in very small locations. These small gaps or openings act as an easy invitation to allow them to roam freely in your home. Fortunately, an exterminator has the ability to remove these mice from your property and keep them off of your premises. They can examine your foundation, siding, and entryways to see the most vulnerable areas. Then they can use all types of construction tools to help eliminate the problems, reduce the presence of mice in your home and keep them out for years to come.

Not seeing or hearing the removal of mice in your home can come with many benefits. Making contact with an exterminator and expressing your wishes is the first step in this process.

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