Home Selling & Social Media: Five Tips for Reaching Out to Family & Friends

As you're listing a home for sale, it's easy to assume that a real estate agent will take care of your listings and get word of the house out there. You can get some extra help by using your social media profiles to promote the house for sale. Without being too daunting or flooding feeds with spam, you can use the following five tips to help promote the home and get a possible sale. Work with a real estate agent to use these tips effectively and get the most out of your home selling experience.

Link Previews

When your home is put on the market, a real estate agent will often make a digital page that exclusively features your home and purchasing information. Posting this website to your social media profiles is a great way to directly connect potential buyers without having to search for the home listing. Instead of posting a plain link, you can use social media to post a link preview. A link preview is a small box that features a thumbnail photo and brief description of the website information. It doesn't take up too much space on a feed. It's also a great alternative to posting your home image gallery on social media. The link preview can provide that option for anyone that wants to see it. When the real estate worker sets up the page, they can manipulate the link preview to ensure that your home appears as the thumbnail picture and the short description is accurate.

Short Videos

Social media is a great platform to upload short video content. You can take advantage of this by posting short videos of your home for sale. One of the best ways to take advantage of this is by putting together a ten to fifteen second sizzle reel of your home. Take a collection of two second shots that feature highlights in the home. Stitch the clips together using your ideal social media app. Upload the video to showcase your home for sale. It's a great way to draw attention and attract potential buyers. Anything too long may seem too daunting for people, so try to keep the video as short as possible.

Staged Pictures

When a real estate agent takes pictures of your home, the home may be staged to look more appealing. A home staging involves removing clutter, setting up decorations, and making the house look appealing. While your home is still staged, you can take some additional personal pictures to use on social media. This is a good time to capture small details that may not be seen in the main real estate listing. Examples include closet space, kitchen islands, exterior areas, and fireplace mantels. Try focusing on the small details and posting single images when sharing with family and friends.

Outside the Box Features

On your official real estate page, the home listing will include traditional features like the rooms in the home and the exterior. A social media profile gives you the platform to showcase additional features that a real estate agent may not commonly use. Examples include nearby attractions like stores, schools, or parks. If a river or lake is nearby, you can focus on this too. Social media also allows you to get more personal. For example, if you get along with your neighbors well, then you can showcase them as potential highlights of the home. If you're friends with them on social media, then you can even tag them in the post while you're giving praise.

Post Settings

Reach the biggest audience possible by adjusting the post settings related to anything that has to do with your home. When making these posts, set them to public or to expanded views. Depending on the platform, this can include anyone that looks at your profile, friends of friends, or friends of people that have commented or liked the post. This will expand your reach and profile your house to a larger circle of people. When posting, post the same posts on multiple forms of social media to reach friends that you may not be connected with on each type of social media.

Ask a real estate agent, such as Haring Realty, about their social media posts and any success stories they have. This can help you plan out your own posts and sell the house as soon as possible.

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