4 Ways to Increase Space in a Studio Apartment

When you have a small studio apartment, it can seem impossible to create a comfortable living space. The best way to increase your space is to focus on furniture items that are not only smaller, but also serve multiple functions.

Build around Your Sleeping Space

Since where you sleep is likely the most important part of a studio apartment, you should start with these accommodations and furnish around your sleeping space. Many people enjoy using a futon or a fold-out couch for their bed because it easily doubles as living room furniture and can be concealed when you have guests. The downside is these pieces are not designed for frequent folding and are better for periodic use as a bed. Therefore, you will likely need to replace them sooner if you fold them open and closed every day or multiple times per day.

Consider purchasing a standard bed. Metal bed foundations are a good alternative to a traditional bed frame and box spring. They are compact and lightweight, which makes them easier to move into your residence and arrange inside the apartment. Since the entire foundation does not touch the floor, you can have room for storage under the bed.

For your mattress, check for mattresses that are not shipped in the normal matter. More manufacturers are saving space and money by creating memory foam or traditional innerspring mattresses that are vacuum sealed and rolled up before shipping. Once they arrive you place the mattress on your metal foundation, cut away the packaging, and allow the mattress to expand to its final size and shape. Since it is often difficult to maneuver furniture inside a small space, you will have plenty of room by opting for a compressed mattress.

Use Reclining Chairs

Since you will be limited on living room and dining room space, reclining chairs can be used for both situations. Buy two reclining chairs and small table. This way, if you and a friend want to watch TV or relax, you will have comfortable seating. The small table can be used for eating a meal or as a snack table when you have company over. As an alternative, chair and ottoman sets can serve a similar function. Since the ottoman can double as a small table when not in use, it is an easy and inexpensive way to save space.

Make a Supplemental Workspace

If you work from home on a laptop, you do not have to worry about adhering to a designated workspace. The easiest way to save space and have a desk is by using a laptop cart. Most laptop carts are problematic because they are little more than a table with wheels. Instead, consider using a rolling plastic drawer cart for your laptop. The average laptop will fit comfortably on top and you have several drawers to store items. When the plastic drawer cart is not in use, you can easily wheel your workstation into the corner. If you do not need a place for office supplies, the same cart can easily work as a rolling dresser for you to store clothing items.

Try Smart Storage Solutions

Installing your own shelving is a good space-saving storage system in a small apartment. You can install some shelving systems in the back of closets or high up on a wall. If there are items you infrequently use, place them on the highest shelf and keep a step ladder or stool around. Expand your bathroom storage by using over-the-door racks and organizing systems to store items you need each day, such as toiletries or personal care items. Many people take advantage of the space they may have next to their refrigerator to use as pantry space. You can make your own rolling pantry or find similar items that will serve the same function, such as a rolling TV stand.

Finding a place for everything in a small apartment can be frustrating, but it is not impossible to make your apartment comfortable. Using items that serve multiple functions and finding a purpose for small spaces throughout your apartment will help you use your space to the fullest.

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