Building Inspection: Why You May Need One For Your Home Renovation Project

Do you want to tear down part of your home and add a bathroom addition? Before you invest any money in renovation project, you must make sure that a building inspection is done so you can make sure your plans are acceptable to the city. In this article, find out what you need to know about home renovations requiring services from a building inspector.

Why is a Building Inspection Necessary for a Home Renovation Project?

The main purpose of a building inspection is to make sure the structure is safe enough for people to reside in it. There are building codes that you must abide by when renovating your home. It is important for you to see what the specific building codes are for your area because each city can have their own set of codes. For instance, building codes may require windows in certain rooms and proper ventilation around plumbing equipment like a furnace.

If you intend on tearing down a wall with plans to extend it to create a bathroom, you will need to get permission from a building inspector. The reason is due to him or her having to make sure your bathroom addition will meet the building codes. The city may have a code making it mandatory for your home addition to be so many feet from the curb or the property surrounding your home.

If you construct the bathroom without getting permission, a building inspector can visit your home and penalize you. However, there is usually a warning issued for you to take care of the problem before you are penalized. Failure to cooperate with the building constructor can lead to you being fined by the city.

What is Required for Obtaining Permission for a Home Renovation Project?

When you alert the city about your project, you can take them a blueprint of your plans. A building inspector will need to know how big your home addition will be, how many windows the room will have and how it is being constructed. If your blueprint is approved, you will be issued a building permit to complete the project. Just make sure the renovation stays within the codes that you have been approved for or else you risk getting penalized.

Adding an additional bathroom to a house can be convenient in a large family, but it must also be safe. For more information, visit or a similar website.

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